Day two has come to a close and I am exhausted… We started the day with a talk from Mike Press which got us eager to get active and engaged with the general public. However we quickly realised we actually needed to hold back a bit, hone in on our designs, and clarify our concept before we could seek out other people’s opinions on our ideas. Our team worked fantastically together, and through research, we started to explore the idea of having a range of ‘buddies’. The ‘buddies’ would be designed for different trouble prone times of the day, for example bath and bed times. These would help in reducing stress and anxiety levels, to aid in mental wellbeing in both the child and the parent.

We spoke to Catherine, a mother of two young children. This was very beneficial as we don’t have any parents in our group, which meant we had been relying on research alone until that point. The key things that I feel the group took from Catherine, were that firstly, it was important not to overcomplicate our product; sometimes the simplest products are the best. Furthermore, when it comes to children feeling secure and calm they often have a tactile, sensory stimulus that they use. We found this related back to all of us individually whether it were the silk labels inside our clothes, a fuzzy blanket, or a squishy teddy we remembered having throughout our childhood.

At this point our team came across its first real hiccup. We all had fantastic ideas and our ideas started to drift more towards a calming box, full of tactile goodies and activities to use with kids. However all our ideas were flowing out too quickly and were bouncing off each other without really being able to settle. It was soon realised that we needed to actually stop and take a step back. We each explained the elements we felt were working and which weren't. Our ideas eventually blended and ended up settling on a mix of our ‘buddy’ idea, with an added personal sensory experience.

We ended the day on a high with our first basic prototype and a clear idea of where we are headed. So for now I'm going to go and get a good night’s sleep so I am refreshed and ready to start prototyping tomorrow morning which will hopefully be swiftly followed by taking our concept and prototypes out to the public to see what they think.