20150323_171654DSCF6216 So this blog is somewhat late! I’m now more than half way through my project. So I will have to do a bit of backtracking, but hey, hopefully it will help me to better reflect on my project. I spent a long time trying to figure out what my identity as a jeweller was, and I finally realised that it didn’t matter, after all a main part of uni is figuring out who you are. I was looking at my identity as a jeweller in the wrong way. What did I actually know at this point? Well, even if I can’t pin point what makes it up, I still have an identity as a jeweller. Ok then, where did it come from? This new approach lead me to think about memories, in specific my first memory of being interested in jewellery.DSCF6218DSCF6226

I remember sitting on the middle of my mum and dad’s bed, rooting through mum’s jewellery boxes, fascinated by all the pieces. I decided to go and look at all of my mum’s jewellery and ‘revisit’ my memories. I found it fascinating, as over the years, the boxes have developed a beautiful natural composition, which has been made up from the layers of different tangled pieces overlapping and merging together.DSCF6200DSCF6203

Furthermore I noticed I was drawn to the same pieces that I had remembered from previously looking through the collection. The interest I had in some of the specific pieces encouraged me to find out a bit more about their backstories and origins. A lot of the jewellery had been handed down from other family members. This lended itself nicely to the theme of identity; it allowed me to begin incorporating elements of my family tree.20150323_171420DSCF6208DSCF621120150323_171520