BC A2 presentation - Copy As part of my current module ‘Boarder Crossings’, I was given a small one week interdisciplinary project. For this, I worked in a team consisting of me, two textile students, and an interiors student. We were asked to share our research on identity and culture with each other, we used this to find common ground, and draw inspiration to create a collaborative project.

As generations go on, families are growing further apart and have less quality “family time” because of it. Instead we connect with each other both in our homes and across the world using technology. We wanted to create an installation to signify how we are all connected without physically connecting face-to-face.

Our research began by mind mapping, creating Pinterest boards, and a trip to the recycling centre for some inspiration. We discussed some ideas together, and then each brainstormed our own independent interpretations, to allow each discipline to shine through in our designs. We combined strong elements from all of our ideas to form our project.

We decided to use a circular design, with each layer of the piece representing a new generation and each individual circle representing a family member. When viewed from the front, our piece forms the rings found in a tree trunk. While symbolizing the close relations of a family tree through this, our three dimensional piece, when viewed from other angles and points in the room distorts, reflecting the illusion of effective communication, caused by the replacement of face to face communication with modern technology.DSCF5932DSCF5978

We prototyped the design on a small scale, and used Sketch Up to experiment with perspective, and positioning to help us envision the final piece.BC A2 Interdisciplinary wk PRESENTATION SHEET sketchup

Throughout this project we have had a range of issues that we have overcome. We learnt how important communication is, not just within our group but with other groups as well (especially when trying to hang large installations). If we’d had both the time and budget, ideally we would have used alternative materials for the rings such as Silver, and each ring would have been unique. However to represent our instillation we used spray painted cardboard. We also envision our piece being displayed in an entirely white room with strong spotlights to exaggerate the shadows created by the rings.DSCF6075

Combining our disciplines played a vital role in helping us to solve problems more effectively and view the project with a wider perspective.DSCF6043DSCF6037