So, 3rd year has begun. My first project is to research an artist and look critically at their work to learn more about the jewellery field as a whole, and more specifically where I might potentially fit into it. I will achieve this by studying my artist Lauren Tickle, to find out where she sources her inspiration, what materials and techniques she employs, and where she fits into the jewellery world. This will give me a better idea of what she is trying to achieve through her pieces, and what motivates her work.


My first instinct was to jump on a computer and use google. However after swift warnings from our tutors encouraging us to use varied sources of information, I decided the best place to start was the library. I came back somewhat disheartened though, as my friend instantly found a jewellery book written by her designer, and my searches turned up nothing. Turning to google for help I quickly found Tickles own website to be very useful. As you would expect it was an excellent source of information about Tickle and her work, but also listed lectures she had done. One in particular was at a design school she used to attend, and they had an online recording which was perfect!


link to lecture video

I still have a lot of research left to do, but I found Tickles starting statement very fitting to what I have found out so far.

“I’m a goldsmith by day and an artist by night”.

You don’t have to work in one set area and specialism, you should give yourself the freedom to work in whatever mix of media inspires and drives you!